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Green Lion Cut-Q Clipper Electric Nail Cutter - White

Green Lion Cut-Q Clipper Electric Nail Cutter - White

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The great nail care innovation, the Green Lion Cut-Q Clipper, is now available. With an amazing 8 hours of operation, this clipper makes sure you're never left behind. With this device, loud noises are a thing of the past because it functions at a whisper-quiet level. Its modern Type-C connector makes charging simple and fast. The Cut-Q Clipper ensures an easy clip every time, no matter how thick or thin your nails are. Put your safety first with its unique design, which guarantees that your fingertips won't be harmed. The Green Lion Cut-Q Clipper combines design and utility to deliver a high level of efficiency.


  • 8 Hours Working Time
  • Low Noise
  • Type-C Charging
  • Support All Nail Thickness
  • No Hurt for Fingers
  • High Efficiency
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