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Green Lion Portable Oral Irrigator

Green Lion Portable Oral Irrigator

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  • Ultra Violet Disinfection
  • Charging Cable Included
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Memory Mode
  • Deep Clean


Improve your gum health by effortlessly cleaning thoroughly between your teeth. The special jet tips make it simple to correctly floss since they clean more surface area with less effort.

A special jet tip divides the flow into four water jets, covering more of the space between teeth and along the gum line. Without the inconvenience of string floss, get a faster, deeper clean.

In the deep cleaning mode, gentle water pulses keep you moving and direct you from tooth to tooth so you get it properly every time.

With a nozzle that spins 360 degrees, you may use the tool in any angle and reach those difficult-to-reach places.

The most common mobile phone or tablet connector is used for convenient charging using a USB-C cable.

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