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Green Lion LUXEMBOURG Magsafe Powerbank - Black

Green Lion LUXEMBOURG Magsafe Powerbank - Black

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Product features

  • Battery Capacity10000 mAh
  • Wireless Output15 watts
  • PD Output20 watts
  • Net Weight179 Grams

More about this item

  • LED power indicator
  • Magsafe Compatible
  • Magnetic Attraction

Introducing the Green Lion MagSafe Powerbank - your reliable companion for on-the-go charging. With a capacity of 10000mAh, this sleek and compact power bank ensures your devices stay powered up throughout the day. Its MagSafe compatibility provides a seamless and secure connection to your iPhone 12 series, delivering fast charging speeds. The power bank is equipped with advanced technology for efficient and safe charging, protecting your devices from overcharging and short circuits. With its portable design and fast-charging capabilities, the Green Lion MagSafe Powerbank is the perfect accessory for those who need reliable power anytime, anywhere. Stay connected and never run out of battery with this essential gadget.

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