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Green Lion X-Foldable Laptop Stander

Green Lion X-Foldable Laptop Stander

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You might have back discomfort or wrist pain occasionally after spending hours in front of a laptop. Although typically not harmful when experienced alone, if left ignored, these small discomforts could develop into far more serious conditions. Such issues typically result from unpleasant typing positions or abnormal body posture.

The best solution for this problem is the Green Lion X-Foldable Laptop Stander. It is a full metal and triangular stand. It can fold in either x or y-axis and has soft silicone pads that will keep your device firmly attached to an angle.


Full metal body

The full metal and triangular stand has CNC machined aviation grade aluminum alloy with anodizing which provides immense corrosion resistance. Additionally, heat dissipation efficiency can be increased by its cool looking hollow design.

Triangle stand

The Triangular stand is flexible so you can fold it in either the X-Axis or Y-Axis, it lessens bodily discomfort and stress. Your body can relax in a more comfortable position if your laptop is raised for improved viewing angles.


Within this stand are these soft silicone pads that keep your device firmly attached to the angles that fit your comfort.

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